16 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c72(94)

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work!! If possible, can anyone please help me out for archive reasons, for NtK & NtK Arashi, does anybody know which chapters go with which volume? If anybody does reply to this, thank you so much!

    • @Raine, Thanks for the appreciation. To the best of my knowledge, Tank volumes consist of 9 chapters each. So, not being a smart ass here (really), counting is the easiest way to tell.

      • thx for the release, another thing: if its not too much to ask it would be very useful if you could provide this group’s translated chapters (especially the older chapters) available to download as entire volumes also.
        Once again thx for the work team.

  2. Awesome! Pretty nice development for what may or may not have been a spur of the moment in between arc. Thankie folks’s!

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