15 comments on “Arashi 35 V1

  1. Careful the one-digit-pages have no lead zero, some comicreader mix up the order of pages due to that.

  2. Sorry guys but the title this time around has me stumped. What’s more, my friends in Japan could only think of the game “get the rope” which is sort of like tug of war except you have to race for the piece of rope first. That’ll have to do for your monthly cultural tidbit unless someone has the real scoop.

  3. Thanks guys! Inb4 the roof gets torn off just to have something get in the way again lol! (and yes I do hope I’m proven wrong)

  4. Thank you for the chapter.
    Aaand it just occurred to me that on page 12 she is taking her panties OFF and not on. Good times ahead 🙂

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