26 comments on “New Cover for Ch 71(93)

  1. The Arashi has me all tense because the breather is about to begin and Nana looks quite prepared to go all the way thanks to the removal of her undergarments.

    YA on the other hand is making me ask questions. Why does Tachi’s friend seem to know about Nana’s problem? What is Tachi’s friends relationship? Why did Nana’s fantasy suddenly change? Why did it prompt her to expose herself? Why can I not read Japanese and already know the answers to these questions?

    Needless to say I’m greatly looking forward to your scanlations of both.

    • I know what you mean the black label side story’s progression up to this point really is starting to
      make me think that it really is just a fantasy of some sort unless the author intends to close the gap between the two stories at some point.
      As for Tachi’s friend/classmate/track teammate’s reaction I would guess that would be the same response regardless of being in on it. But I would assume that both Tachi and Nana came up some sort of excuse or convincing lie to cover themselves with (no pun intended 🙂 ). As for the rest I’m sure it will be quite interesting to see so save some anticipation for me! 🙂

      • I really don’t think it’s a dream. For one we keep seeing things from the point of view of people other than the main characters.

        For another the YA storyline has been steadily winding up. I mean just in this last one we have Nana seriously wondering what it would be like to belong to Kaoru, the one person in her life that tries to look after her rather than depend on her.

        And just because they consumate their relationship doesn’t mean the series has to end. There are lots of wacky hijinks, what is our future, and jealousy plot lines, not to mention even more hardcore bondage, that can be covered in their senior year.

        • I never said it was a dream per say as it could also be a story being told in retro spec through rose colored glasses or even one of Sarshina’s stories possibly or insert favorite random plot device here, to be honest the only reason I used the word “fantasy” was to quote a translation of the author’s own words on what he claimed the side story to be (as he started writing it anyway). Personally I’d love for us as readers to get to see life after consummation and all that other good stuff with our belovedly awkward pair. Point I was trying to make before is I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something like that pulled but I certainly won’t be disappointed if it’s not 😉 .

      • It’s not a fantasy, it’s a time skip. The text in the black box at the bottom of the cover page for Arashi 35 reads “The main story of Nana and Kaoru is also running in Young Animal! It takes place before the kids were high school seniors, in their last trimester of Junior year. Things are finally picking up there too!”

  2. latest raws for YA are out on senmanga, tried to post the link but appears it needs to be unblocked by the admins

      • Well someone could download each image and then put in a zip file on mediafire for you however I won’t be going down that route. On a side note, I think my source for the higher quality scans off Japanese p2p seems to have died/dried up 😦 Now 2 Arashi’s and the latest YA behind I will continue to check but I have a feeling they won’t be forthcoming anymore.

      • For once using IE has proved beneficial 😀
        The same version is up at download places, but let’s hope something, anything better than that piece of crap shows up. One bubble is literally cut in half, among a dozen other things.

  3. Oh dear lord I have been counting down to Friday all week. We’re almost there. It will be great.

  4. Someone did the first 2 volumes (tank scans). The tank scans have some nice changes from the magazine scans. Do you guys have any plans to do the rest?

  5. On the issue of raws, still awaiting web scan for Arashi 34. YA is out today however not sure if NtK is this issue. Next YA is 14th of June. No sign either of the raws for YA yet.
    Next Arashi published date is 7th of June.
    Haven’t see any scans for the volumes on the web, on that note I’m looking for the scan of the doujin that was released with black label vol 3 special edition.

  6. Any signs of the latest raws? Or at least confirmation that NtK will be in this Young Animal? I’ve been restless all week.
    Thank you!

    • NtK skip one issues every 3 issues, that’s why the next raw are Arashi in 2 weeks (I think) and YA in 3 weeks (at the end of last chapter it say: to be continued on 14/06)

  7. So I was just tooling around checking out some other websites of a scanalating persuasion and found out our beloved Terra and osharkweek0 are going to possibly be involved in working on another Amazume Ryuta project soon. Two questions: Is this true? and are we getting releases here as well if it is?
    I also noticed another interesting little tidbit but I won’t elude to the hypothesis I have on it yet in case someone wants to keep it a surprise 😉 .

  8. Any one have volume 9 &10 scans? as well as Black label 3? I look forward to the 4 panel comics and other art at the end, but have yet to see them appear.

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