26 comments on “Nana to Kaoru YA ch70(92)

  1. Sorry if I seem stupid here, but from the double doubles to this post, chapter 91 seems to be missing. It’s one of the ones you’re going to update, right?

  2. Thx for the hard work people, worth noting that your release is superior to the Pretttyanon version I read before reading your release.
    Excited you people decided to start translating the main series.

      • nice assumption. lol
        proceed to slap yourself after the facepalm.
        Truth is the truth and this is one of the few NtK chapters this group has released with the other group releasing their version also and the difference in quality cannot be ignored. so no, its more like a public service but meh take it however you want to take it. BOO HOO!

        • Now far be it for me to toot my own horn but one of the few things I continue to maintain is that I and those I work with are not anything close to proficient with any of what we do. As such I do thank you for the public service announcement but as this is here and there is there I am quite sure that none who frequent the site need a crash course in “who’s release is better”
          As with anything done by more than one group people are going to choose whichever release they are most comfortable with. If it is ours then all the better and if not then that is the one of the fast dwindling joys of the web, you have choices.

        • I will because I expected some form of thought to be used behind your wording in consideration of the peace that resides between the two groups at the moment that could be maintained a good deal easier if people just thought before they typed. But hey I could’ve been expecting to much and I could’ve been overreacting to something on the internet because of something in my personal life too (because no one has ever done that before). But it’s all good words have been exchanged, opinions expressed and fun was had by all 🙂 Misunderstandings Wooo Hooo!!!

    • I’ll be honest with everyone here. I started this (as I have said before) just because I wanted to see the chapters brought out in a timely manner. That fact hasn’t changed nor will it ever. I love working on Amazume’s series which is why you can find my name on just about everything that has come your way over the course of the last year and a half. As long as I am in love with the works I do I don’t see myself ever letting up or giving over to anyone.

  3. Ah, this manga . . . the hook is erotic SM play, but I stay because it’s the most achingly romantic manga ever. So sweet . . . the sexuality spicy, but the emotions purest vanilla.
    Thanks for the update and all the doubles!

  4. Thanks for the fantastic work.

    It is interesting to start seeing Nana’s inner-pervert come out. Kaoru started the ball rolling with their ‘breathers’, but he also seems to be the driving force to keep things in check and within the confines of their own little world. She’s never had the kind of freedom she has now in the wide, wide world, so it will be interesting to see what further thoughts she has.

  5. Ya know it’s funny everyone claimed they wanted “progress” and now that we see some it’s “predictable” if you live in the moment a little bit you might enjoy the story a bit more guys just saying lol. Thanks for all the work guys! 🙂

  6. Thanks a lot for the fast translation! Like it seemed in the raws: Nana is really losing herself in the fantasies of a future together with Kaoru.
    I am glad to see their relationsshop progressing, but it does worry me a bit that Nana actually thinks about becoming a outcast so that she can stay alone with Kaoru. This would play into the direction of a complete sub, that has no own life anymore, but lets the dom decide everything. And to be honest one of the greatest things of this manga is the fact, that their “real lifes” are so contradictory to the Breathers.
    I hope Kaoru slaps some sense back into Nana (maybe literally?) and makes her understand that her delusions are very dangerous and should not get out of control.

    • I think that it’s less about being a total sub and more to do with honesty and acceptence. Nana is realizing that Kaoru is the only really dependable person in her life. He’s always there for her. She has accepted her predilictions and knows that if her friends or family found out about them they’d push her away.

      Kaoru on the other hand would stand by and even fight for her. This is very important to Nana because she has accepted that she has this other part to her, and Kaoru is the only one that can fulfill this aspect of her life.

      We also know that Nana resents her friends and family because of the way they use and depend on her. So the idea of only being with Kaoru, the person in her life that doesn’t, is an understandable fantasy.

      • Yes, what Defenstrator said. Really, it’s as much or more a romantic fantasy as a submissive one. It’s a daydream about being with the man she loves, the man she can depend on, the man who accepts all of her and would stick with her through thick and thin.
        And at that, right at the moment she’s having fun exaggerating her fears. If she accidentally or even on purpose flashed her pantyless self, nobody would instantly jump to thinking “Oh my god, that girl is in a secret SM relationship and is going pantyless as a test for her evil master!” They’d think she either forgot or was an exhibitionist.

        • Part of the fun of this series is Nana winding herself up, overthinking situations far past logic and reality, going over the top emotionally. Of course, this is the flipside to her public persona as cool and collected and in control.

  7. Thank you! I already have an idea where this might lead to. Have to wait one or two more chapters, though.

  8. Thank you for the chapter.

    This story arc is developing as expected so far but we were overdue for one that forces Nana to really confront her feelings for Kaoru.

    The part I liked the most was that the situation started because Kaoru completely underestimated Tachi. That girl is only vaguely aware of the concept of holding back or being cautious.

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