28 comments on “It’s A Double-Double!

  1. The raws for 96(71) are out on SenManga featuring Nana, Tachi, and the captain of Tachi’s track team.

    • Yay! These are what I was looking for when I popped on and found the team is up to date on releases.

      Speaking of which, thanks guys! The gods be with you and guard you always.

  2. Does anyone know what volume is “Puppy Lovers” at right now in Japan? And “Happy Negative Marriage” too.. Or are they on hiatus? Or are they ongoing just like NtK YA and NtK Arashi/Black Label? Thanks! 🙂

    • Puppy Lovers is on its 2nd volume and as far as Happy Negative Marriage goes it is on like chapter 23 and I am unsure if it has gone beyond 1 volume.

      • Thanks Master Terrabane 🙂 May I ask if when can we expect the next Black Label release? ^_^ Has the raw been passed on to you by Sir Giginc or are you still waiting for it? Just got kind of excited seeing that the next issue of the main timeline of NtK is on the 10th of May; two extra juicy chapters on back-to-back Fridays. 🙂

        • Well as of right now the only raws I have available to me right now are the low rez raws so as soon as I have the higher quality you can expect the chapter out in 2 to 3 days from then.

  3. Many thanks, man I can’t wait to see what happens next, I happy to see that you catch up with the actual realeses.

  4. Great job guys. These honestly come across as more intense than the previous translation.

    • Yea the highlight for me had to be that scene during the speech loved the integration there, came across much more vividly I thought. One of the reasons I would be interested in learning to translate really (if I could ever get around to it that is) is cause it’s not just about direct word for word translating (which is important don’t get me wrong) but trying to get the most effect out of the scene as well, much like what the original author tries to do is what makes a story into a saga in a sense in my opinion anyway. Longer post than I intended lol anyways consider the hat tipped good sir!

  5. Thx a lot! This is so great and the translations are way better than … There was always a missing feeling from those other translations. Thanks again!

  6. Yay! We caught up completly!! 😀
    A big thanks to you guys. I have been following this manga for years by now, and it still warms my heart. So I am very happy to see all those chapters and in such short time! The breathers are much more intense if you read them in one go, which is exactly what I will be doing now 🙂

  7. Minor nit we lost pages 16 and 17 in c65 or they weren’t numbered right accidentally. Also c68 is labeled c78. Considering that was 4 at once though I’d say we still got a batch of winners!

    • Ehhhh, not being rude (it’s late, I’m tired), but you can do a simple rename on c68/78. Referred the missing page to the editor. Will be fixed asap

      • I know I was just saying it before it was brought up in a less civilized manner don’t mind me. I’m still very grateful :)!

        • As I said in the edit, I do apologize for the forgotten page and the mislabeled folder but the link has been updated to include the missing page

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