13 comments on “Nana to Kaoru Arashi Ch 33

  1. late on Wednesday evening, my belief in the power of the little guy was dealt a heavy blow. Back in December 2009 it was with great excitement that I wrote about how Give A Brick was registering with …. As a coimissmon-free alternative to the monthly fee model associated with Just Giving, I was

  2. I wonder if the writer actually wanted to make a romance series but he was pushed into doing bdsm and this is his way of getting past that restriction.

  3. I think things are heading towards a significant event. Both of them seem quite determined to miss that train. Between this and the relatively short storyline going on in YA I wonder if this will bring consumation, and then have YA jump to them tryin to awkwardly date in their final year?

    • As much as I’d like to believe otherwise there’s always a chance this whole side story could be just one of Kaorus fantasies. I mean even the author once said it was meant to feel like a “summer dream” if I remember rightly that is. But I’m with you man, here’s hoping for significance within the significance!!!

  4. The original title is 嵐にしやがれ which is the name of a variety show hosted by members of the pop boy band 嵐 (Arashi/Storm). They used to be quite popular, but now they suck. For some reason they have a massive following in Hawaii, possibly because it’s where they were formed. They used to be called “Johnny’s” but someone realized that made them sound like cocksuckers so the name was changed to its current version. One day when they break up and consequently get back together after much fangirl crying, their name will change to ARASHI NEO to signify they’re still super hot and totally aren’t made entirely of silicon.

    The show itself, however, is your standard Japanese variety show: Arashi members make asses of themselves for the better part of thirty minutes. Text flies all over the screen, and every sentence is subtitled so you really don’t have to listen (not that anyone really is). In fact, the subtitles may be the most interesting part of the show. Do not be surprised if you fall into a seizure after watching a particularly subtitle-heavy section.

    Incidentally, Japanese variety TV is where famous people go to die when they are no longer relevant.

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