40 comments on “SURPRISE!! NtK YA Ch69(91)

  1. Just because I know everyone is looking for information all thanks to Gin for his upload of the HQ raws of Arashi 33and yes I am currently working on getting it ready for release. As always though there is a BUT in there (despicable word I know) But the temps have suddenly dropped into the near freezing levels and it may take a little longer to release than I had originally intended it to. Fear not though, I will have it out as quickly as my hands will allow me to work

  2. As much as I don’t like announcing group plans I feel it only prudent to inform everyone that plans and work is in progress on the back chapters so hopefully sooner rather than later the back chapters will be published for everyone to browse and enjoy.

  3. i don’t reallyknow any other group than this to release NtK, so i wait and hope every day for a new release here… and know, you release a chapter, 10 chapters after the last… so i have now to wait till you release the other 9 chapters. meh… just meh, but it looks like i just have to endure it.

    • Please rest assured, now that we have translations, we are working as fast as possible and will have all missing chapters out asap. πŸ™‚

        • So in consultation, because ntkfan001 made a mistake, neither did anyone else?

          That being said, there are some places where you go: hmm, that looks odd… like on page 3, top right where the dude goes: “MM! DELISH!”. But, it might look odd/wrong because of a dialect or in this case: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Delish. If it was on purpose, it can’t be a mistake, right?

          However, in the same place the other dude goes: “TOTALLY WORTH THE THRITYMINUTE WAIT.” Here, we first see that thirty is spelled wrong(the i is in the wrong place), and the hyphen should not have been there as it should be: “thirty minute”.

          Thats my take on it, and I’m sticking to it! πŸ˜€
          Thanks for the scanlation.

        • Actually, it was meant to be “thirty-minute wait” because “thirty-minute”is an adjective, much like “five-year-old” is in “my five-year-old son”. I was waiting for the error I missed to actually come up in the conversation, so thank you for that.
          Not going to touch the saw vs. seen debacle we have going on.

  4. Meh. I don’t care… I see your quality and the other group’s quality the same. If not the other group has a better translator.

    • Ya know this is exactly why the feud keeps going (when it does) because people like you come over here and try to beat a dead horse. At this point I think both groups do a fine job, but I prefer certain aspects of this group more and those of us that like one or the other or both do so for different reasons and that’s okay, But what isn’t okay (and what you don’t see us doing I might add) is going back and forth and flaming the other groups blogs with USELESS posts that are serve no purpose other than to antagonize. So I put it to you good sir what makes you think that insulting someone who has put forth time and effort (selflessly for your benefit I might add) is going to accomplish? Look I’m not trying to troll back at you or anything, all I’m saying is maybe you should try looking at the bigger picture here. Because the future is filled with endless possibilities. What if this group goes under? What if their group goes under? What if both groups go under? What if the two merged? Granted these things aren’t likely to happen but who knows?

      • While I have no cause to really care either way I will agree with everything NamlessHack has stated here. First and foremost we, and by we I mean the loyalist to this particular group and its releases don’t make our way to the other group and make snide commentary about the level of translation or the quality of their work.
        Personally, and this is probably the most important aspect in my mind.

        “I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks”

        The main reason I started doing this was because
        1. I wanted to see where the backlogged chapters were going in translated form.
        2. I had the desire and time and willingness to learn HOW TO SCANLATE.
        3. Because I did the chapters I felt like being nice and decided to share them with the public at large and because of that we now have this blog and others who are willing to help and release the chapters that are worked on.

        I’ve lived by the rule, ” Hater’s are gonna Hate” and I accept that as part and parcel of what scanaltion brings to the table and as such unavoidable but it rankles when all you have to do is say I prefer the other group and leave it at that but instead come in with flame baiting commentary which is totally and wholly unnecessary.

        • Back when Anime Waves was a prolific group I started reading Toshiue no Hito, an excellent adult manga. It was so well done that I checked out Nana to Kaoru despite having no interest in S&M and was quickly captivated by the flawed but sympathetic characters and beautiful art. I have followed this series from Anime Waves to NCIS, Phoenix Waves, Desudesu, Freetime, Quicker (exks), Nomad, Terrabane, Futuri wa Pretty Anon, and although I have preferences as to which scanlations I prefer, I can only be thankful to all of the people involved in allowing me to enjoy this series. Japanese is not one of the languages I can read and without these groups … well …. .
          Anyone who is a true fan should encourage scanlators. Legitimate constructive criticism is one thing (that is what brought Sharkie here for instance) but simply bashing anyone involved is rude and immature to put it as politely as I can.
          To everyone bringing NtK to us I say again that I am very grateful for your efforts, and I am sure that there are many others who feel the same.

  5. Didn’t bother to read the other groups release, because yours is the only true quality release! My vote for releases in order!
    Thanks guys great job!

  6. Thanks for the surprise chapter!! I really didnt expect this last few lines. I thought Kaoru would try to get Tachit to leave by admitting the truth (he wants Nana to come to him). Looking forward!

  7. Damn, I wish Tachi heard that and not Nana, Tachi is just so cute ❀

    thanks for the chapter, just give them whatever the order and when you feel like it

  8. My vote goes for putting them out in order. I read the Other Guys’ stuff, sure, to get my fix, but yours is what I archive. Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Thanks for the chapter!

    Actually, for archive purposes, I prefer tank scans. I’ve read the series multiple times and only the first two volumes are tank scans. I think I got them from hentairules.

  10. I don’t read the other groups’ releases, so it’d be more convenient for me if you released the chapters in the correct order.

  11. I wait for you to release before I read it so it would be great to keep it in order but that being said do what ever you want. Thanks for the chapter

  12. thanks a lot for the chapter.

    also, just do it however you want. as long as the quality remains the same, i’m ok either way. being faster than the other group is good sometimes too.

  13. Not sure how I feel about this chapter. Usually what I love about this series is that you really dont know what will happen next. The track meet/dog arc, the “Scream” arc all had twist’s and much longer then I would have thought. But this seems pretty obvious, Nana will not say anything and leave to get the crepes, Tachi will come in & reveal the shocking truth that Kaoru sent Nana out. Kaoru will bolt out and attempt to aid Nana as something no doubt will happen. Obviously this is just a guess and could differ greatly, which I hope it does.

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