60 comments on “Arashi 32

  1. I was doing some cataloging when I realized that nobody had mentioned anything about replacing the LQ page in this chapter since the release of said chapter.. so anyone have any info on possible HQ version of the “missing” page?

    • I’m on tenterhooks for TnH as much as anyone, but yeesh, can we just let the good people work? If our Japanese isn’t good enough to help them translate, all we can do is be good little boys and girls and wait it out.

      • Yeah 3yrs and we finally see the storm in Arashi… According to the raws next Arashi is 3rd of May release date. Finally Kaoru is doing it all wrong, dark stormy nights = axes and chainsaws not rope šŸ™‚

        • Haha! True enough! I suppose that’s to be expected Amazume does have a flair for the dramatic so

          spacing out the releases kinda makes sense (that or he just needs more time to write).

  2. Man the anticipation of the raws for 33 is killing me lol! Stupid cliffhangers *shakes fist* šŸ˜‰ . As a side note I hope everyone is doing well in real life and what not.

  3. Hey all. Seeing as I get rather antsy when no one posts so much as a comment in a week, I wonder if there’s any news of some kind to report. I get that there won’t be any raws til April, but perhaps there’s been some progress on the YA chapters or something?

    • Had someone say they were interested, but haven’t heard back from them in about a month. So, nope, nada, zilch, zip, zero. Nothing to report on the YA front šŸ˜¦

  4. hey thanks for the new chapter!!

    btw: do you scanlators know exks personally?
    what happened to him|her?
    any news on him|her?
    es [s]he all right?

    • TBH, I have only ever spoken with ecks over IRC but as of late he hasn’t responded to any messages or spoken in the room at all so I can’t say anything either way

    • The fact that he’s still in the channel at all speaks worlds of information. He’s just busy. Life exists outside of manga scanlation. Hopefully, at some point he’ll be ready and able to once again provide his invaluable assistance.

  5. Am I… Am I caught up on something for once? Also, I fudged the title. It should be, “Gone with the Typhoon”. Sorry.

        • ah you thought I was serious šŸ˜¦ I thought my smilie would give it away that I was just joking…

        • seriously though as someone who has followed this series from early days and I do mean early days I appreciate the hard work you do and wish I could help you guys but Kanji eludes me šŸ˜€

    • Indeed you are good sir! Congrats and thank you for continuing to translate this series for us non Japanese word readin folk! Much appreciated!

  6. Thanks for the terrific work as always. I foresee the next couple chapters as being epic – although nothing will REALLY happen if they have to branch this back into the main work.

  7. Sorry guys totally missed there was a missing page in the HQ version. I only have one source and that’s the one off share. I’ve checked manga hunters and they haven’t posted the raws for the stories yet.

  8. As Ani said, there is a LQ page mixed in among the higher quality so for that I do apologize. If anyone can find me all the pages in HQ format I will swap the page out and release a V2 of the chapter.

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