39 comments on “Arashi 31

  1. “I allowed her post to stay up because despite the chuckle I got from her Kosmic Karma hit, she is the only place for my fellow fans to get up to date YA chapters. That IS my happy medium, and yes, I still hold a grudge.”

    Oh my god, you sad, miserable bastard. Karma? Grudges? I can’t believe how bitter people can be. One year later, you still have a hateboner for a group that picked up a practically abandoned manga, even though if it weren’t for them, nobody would be translating NtK (as we can see from you having so much trouble trying to find a translator). Are you for real? Jesus christ.

    Instead of being glad, hell, maybe even asking them to pick up Arashi too, you’re making them out to be the bad guys for continuing to make thousands of people happy; something you and your friends are failing at?

    You need to do a Bart Simpson and write “I don’t own NtK” a hundred times.

    • Abandoned? Not even close. Behind schedule? Assuredly. Offer them Arashi as well? You are out of your fucking mind. Simple fact, and I hope this is the last time I go through it, they sniped an active scanlation from a working group (that I wasn’t even part of at the time, BTW) for no reason but impatience. And if they were not translating it, I am sure we would have a dedicated TL for it way before now. Don’t like my attitude? Feel free to stay your ass off my sad, miserable blog. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

      • This is why I don’t like when people start to “moderate” and delete stuff… Now I won’t be able to judge someone for what they are saying. πŸ˜₯

        Don’t people know I’m entitled to it??

        • I’ve calmed down so let me calmly explain my moderation protocol. All comments are automatically approved unless they contain multiple links, then WP automatically kicks them to my moderation queue. Got no control over that, I review and allow asap. Otherwise, unless you flame someone most notably a group member, or solicit services from another group, or do something else outrageously offensive to me everything stays. I’m actually pretty lenient that way. Like I said earlier, despite past differences I even left AnonBlack’s news release up in full.

    • First off owl, why should they need to pick up Arashi? While I will admit that I do take my time in bringing it out I have no issues with translation as shark has kindly stepped up to work on it for the time being. Secondly…. you know what? I don’t think I’ll bother, I’m tired of the drama is so many ways that I have absolutely no desire to feed into any of it. I’m going to continue doing my thing and leave others to do theirs.

    • Owl Let me explain what my post was about, I was talking about Happy Negative Marriage and

      someone possibly doing it had I have known that my offhand comment would have been used

      as a jumping off point for more “drama” postings I would surely have kept my keys to myself.

      Also you are proving my point by jumping at the chance that anifreik provided when he stuck

      his foot in his mouth by speaking his mind which he is perfectly entitled to do because one this is

      a free country and two this is a website that he was involved in creating. Seriously this is taking

      away from the reason we visit both websites at this point and like it or not we are a family so to

      speak at this point albeit a very dysfunctional one. So let’s just be thankful that Both groups of

      people are willing to devote so much time to a hobby that they are kind enough to share with

      the rest of us and QUIT TRYING TO START STUFF That goes for EVERYBODY.

        • My bad didn’t mean anything by it but I would just really like to read it again because it’s been sooo
          long besides we all have similar interest here so I didn’t see the harm, (especially since you allow
          them to post here period which would and has stirred up more stuff than anything I might do btw)
          but your right we shouldn’t try to act like grown ups because someone else doesn’t act like a grown up. Tired of all
          the useless drama does it still sting a little bit yes but come on man this is supposed to be about the
          Manga(s) so I don’t see why there can’t be some sort of happy medium reached here. Anyway back
          to lurk mode for me.

        • I would also like to read it again, which is why in my spare time I also look for a translator for it. I allowed her post to stay up because despite the chuckle I got from her Kosmic Karma hit, she is the only place for my fellow fans to get up to date YA chapters. That IS my happy medium, and yes, I still hold a grudge.

  2. Interesting looks like a certain FWPA group has had their website deleted for terms of usage violation.

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I was rather wondering why Kaoru and Nana were being left in the house. I presume they’ll be looking after it while the other two are away.

    With the looks they’re giving each other I predict the regular series to have one more story to catch up with Arashi, while in this final volume the two consumate their relationship. Then the story will continue through their final year of high school as their relationship matures.

      • Well I did get suspicious when Nana specificly mentioned she was 18 in a previous chapter. “That’s right, nothing to see here. All perfectly legal bgetween consenting adults.”

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