70 comments on “NtK Arashi Ch 29

  1. Such a troll this chapter lol! But man looks like something semi serious happened at the end there I wonder what it was?

  2. Don’t forget Arashi tomorrow and YA next week, though Arashi will be subject to the normal 1day – 1week delay for raws….

    • I think he is more concerned with Nana’s well being than taking care of a toy. But with proper drying and conditioning, it should be reusable, but it will take some work.

  3. Ok looks like YA was released today, just awaiting raws if NtK was in this issue. Also looks like vol 3 of Black Label will be out on 28th of Feb and it will have another doujin in the limited edition version.

      • Not dead, but in semi-hibernation. All projects are stalled in translation, so there has been very little info to disperse other than raw releases, which Ginginc has been staying on top of. Rest assured, as soon as we have a script, you’ll get a release. Thanx a million, Gin 🙂

        • @Karasu, yes, we are in desperate need of a dedicated translator who really know his/her stuff and has a good eye for interpretation as well. Shark0week0 fills in as his time permits, and we are really appreciative of his help, but he is a full time member of another group doing multiple series so his time is valuable, and limited. So if anyone wants to apply, let us know and we’ll get you some pages (or a chapter) and see what your work looks like 🙂

  4. In theory next YA release date should be 25th of Jan (though website for YA implies 4th of Feb but that’s a Monday and its normally released on a Friday…) with the next Arashi being 1st of Feb.

    • I’ll be honest with you, things being what they are and with the onset of the winter I’ve slowed down to a crawl and am waiting on scripts all the way around. I won’t make any promises but I will continue to work and release as soon as I have something to share.

    • Thanks! I wonder what they were up to running to the house like that^^ I guess they wanted to do a private breather 😉

    • The author got me with that gotcha moment when they arrive at the house. I was all set to see something big happen and boom! No closure for you.

      I also couldn’t help but feel a bit annoyed with Kaoru at the end. If he had the guts to open the door between their rooms and go kiss her their relationship would have benn consumated then and there. If you’re the dom then you have to make the first move man.

  5. Not a very eventful chapter… but I liked it none the less. When is the next Arashi supposed to come out?

    Thanks for the good work guys, keep it up. We’ll support ya in spirit.

    • From an ecchi/action/bondage standpoint, no not very eventful. However, from a romantic, personal relationship viewpoint, major progress. The next raws should be out approximately on Jan 10th.

  6. Just wondering if you missed a bubble on page 13 (top left corner) or if that bubble is supposed to be empty?

    • Actually I did in fact miss it but it was a repeat line we’re back. I could make excuses and say I am only human but the truth of the matter is I was not only rushing to publish the weather in my neck of the woods is colder than a well diggers ass crack. Anyone who talks with me knows and I will share the small fact that I get very bear like in the winter time and either hibernate or just dope myself to the gills with pain killers

      • Oh it’s definitely no problem (I figured it was just a repeat line anyway) just wondering tho. Thanks for the reply.

  7. This is getting good! 😀 I wonder for how long it will rain, and what happens after the rain. Will there be some last minute bonding, so to speak. And what then?

    I guess this is getting close to the end as well… and as I understand it, YA is getting real close to the YA Arashi on the timeline. Well, a few chapters equals a few months for us to I suppose. Anyone know anything about this?

    And what is the release date for the next chapter?

    And as always, thank you for doing this. 🙂

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