28 comments on “Toshiue no Hito V06 Ch40

    • Toshiue no Hito has been fully translated for years. It’s basically waiting on me to finish the editing. This completely depends on whether I feel like doing it or not. To ease your frustration, it’s basically just a couple double pages I need to finish and it’ll be done.

  1. I’m really glad I was reminded this existed. And not solely because it’s a damn impressive story in its own right.

    See, I kinda had this fear about Nana to Kaoru: you know how in a lot of TV shows, say, how there’s a big fear of the principal characters finally getting into a relationship because that story arc is one of the big draws and after they get together the characters get boring? I was afraid that would happen in NTK, especially since there seems to be no chance of them getting together in the principal storyline. But I find myself relieved at the reminder that, oh yeah, Amazume-sensei Is really good at writing relationships once they’ve gotten together and at keeping the drama fresh. So maybe there will be more NTK after the “endgame” of Nana and Kaoru getting together. This pleases me.

    Also, maybe now we’ll finally get more Happy Negative Marriage and (ohpleaseohplease) Puppy Lovers.

    • Yea I wish the group that was translating Happy Negative Marriage would get interested in it again or drop it so someone else could do it (if only I knew Japanese *shakes fist*). As for Puppy Lovers I believe that series finished up some time ago ah la Terrabane and company.

      • mmmm, I didn’t know about the “finished up” part of Puppy Lovers, the last I’d seen was the scan group posting that they were “caught up”, as in they’d scanlated the available tankos and were waiting on more to be published. Has something else been said after that? Anyone know?

        • For the record, yes we are “caught up” so to speak, the second tank is due out in (looks at the date)
          4 days, but the downside of that is while I will eventually do it the group I worked with on that has become somewhat defunct because the translator is on hiatus at the moment.

        • ahhh, well that is good news (and bad news too I guess, but hey, it’s an imperfect world) thanks a lot for the info Terra, PL is a cute story, thanks a lot for your work on it too.

        • Whoops forgot to check and see if there was a response to that little comment oh well. Good to know there might be more PL at some point then cause at the end of the last chapter I thought it said the end, so I just figured maybe it was a short one like Love is for those over 30 seemed to be.

    • You can bank on the fact that I would LOVE to work strictly on Amazume-sensie’s works, but my biggest hold up is that there are very few translators who are willing to work on the series for an extended amount of time.

      • ahhh, that’s a real shame. I keep hoping that some day Happy Negative Marriage will start back up too. Oh well, that’s probably being greedy isn’t it? Thanks again for this new chapter of Toshiue no Hito!!

        • I would do all the series Ryuta currently has going right now regardless of who had first claim to them. (HnM being included) If I could find someone who would actually work on them with me.

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