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  1. So you decided to remove my comment ( I’m assuming its you AniFrek ), so biased and disappointing to see. my last post here. I hope… good day sir!

      • Thank you for your correction. Yes, in my role as Blog Admin I found your earlier post to be inappropriate and senseless name calling, which is one of the few things I will not allow. Honest differences of opinion, debates of matters contained in the manga and related media are not only allowed but encouraged. Name calling, links to pirate pay sites, intentionally antagonistic “flaming” are not. If you have something constructive to add to the conversation, you are most welcome to continue commenting here. Have a good day yourself, and happy holidays to you and your family 🙂

        • senseless name calling ? WOW!! just wow.. lets agree to disagree on that one.
          We are talking about someone who went out of his way to insult people. plus he has an elitist attitude. but okay. fair enough.. I take my words back concerning the biased and disappointing part. still stand by my previous remarks directed to him but will refrain from re-posting it. Let it be known I can’t stand shark0week0.
          Happy holidays to you, family and co as well.

          PS: where is that post to the 29 raws ? “Arashi 29 raws ~out. see post for link”
          I searched but I cannot see it captain! Thx in advance.

          • My apologies for not being more clear. Ginginc post links to the newest raws in the most current post, so Arashi 29 can be found in the TnH V06 Ch 40 post.

            Edit for PS: I am unaware of Sharky insulting anyone, he did a comparison, basically said that both translations sucked, but FwPA sucked worse. Personally, I don’t find having pride in ones own ability to in any way translate (heh) into an elitist attitude. Lastly, I agree to disagree with Terra almost daily, so that’s not a problem 🙂

        • Actually I posted the raws link in the Nana to Kaoru YA 57 (79) thread not the TnH V06 CHP40 thread, may want to change your webpage.

    • As I am the “Johnny come lately” to the party I am unable to see the comment that was removed by Ani so I can not judge the merit of his words about finding it disrespectful but knowing him as well as I do I can find it easily believable that it was both antagonistic if he indeed found it necessary to remove it. Now, with that being said, firstly we do not encourage name calling and if you take your time to look through any posts you will find that we do indeed advocate the expression of opinions but with a modicum of decorum in the presentation of said opinions. meaningless name calling is something that is neither appreciated by anyone and even less pleasant to read. If you wish to actually be taken seriously then present an argument with rationality and civility wick for anyone with a ounce of brains is able to do from the time they are old enough to think without the need for useless posturing.

      • “but knowing him as well as I do I can find it easily believable that it was both antagonistic if he indeed found it necessary to remove it.” – Terra

        Well, what about the rest of us? we(I) do not know anifreik and personally I’d rather judge the person based on what he/she said/wrote, then by the opinions of others. I say let it stay for all to see.

        “If you wish to actually be taken seriously then present an argument…” – Terra

        Good, good, we like arguments, and how we back them up.

        “…anyone with a ounce of brains is able to do…” – Terra

        But then again I like name calling and insinuations, it helps me understand the other person better so I can judge them by their merit.

        • As a policy statement, all comments go up unmoderated, unlike some other groups who I will not mention by name. Like ecks however, I read each and every comment and reserve the right to edit or delete when/if I see fit. While done for the NtK community, it is my blog. If someone wants to criticize a group member, have reasons to back it up and it stays. Comments such as “Anifreik sucks!” won’t, unless they can tell me why. ;). Links to other sites are allowed, but if after I investigate them, if they are not either free or authorized by the author/publisher, it will be edited. Other than these two rules, pretty much anything goes, but please keep profanity to a minimum as it rarely helps the conversation.

        • As the old saying goes “different strokes for different folks”. Personally I find name calling to the very epitome of childishness and liken it to schoolyard antics being tossed around by pre-schoolers. Arguments and discussions of different viewpoints should be able to be held with civility and reasonable use of intellect (in my opinion at any rate), failing that though crude and foul language is something of hard limit with me and I don’t abide by it without extreme circumstances (like losing a finger in a chainsaw accident type circumstance).

      • That escalated fast…
        its not that serious fellas. why so serious ?
        excuse my manners if I have offended anyone. 0_o’

        • LOL, doesn’t take much to get a debate started around here ;). Seriously, we are pretty protective of group members, they work hard for less than tips. It’s an all volunteer army, so to speak. Don’t worry about it, you’re forgiven 😛

    • You know I would agree with that versus the fact that IF it got localized his royalties would be a drop in the bucket versus the chunk taken by the publishing company and other involved parties.

    • Concerning TnH. While I do the type set on the series the final edit work and release of that series is handled by ChronicD. I can only tell you that I have in fact TS’d chapter 40 but beyond that I have no information.

  2. Interesting read. I cant read Japanese, so I dont know if you are actually right, but your points do sound convincing.
    Once or twice I thougth you might ask for too specific sentences. I kinda like it, when especially Nana leaves out the last bit of some thought, because she is not fully ready to admit it to herself. Any reader should get what she is really thinking, but it spices things up to see her struggling with this.
    Anyway I am happy to see you helping the old troops 🙂

    • Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think ideas and thoughts really resonate with the reader unless they’re internalized somehow, in this case by reading, so that’s how I translate. Of course there’s always the danger that the reader and I don’t agree about a particular detail (God forbid I’m outright wrong about something), but when I commit my translations to the page, they are ultimately what I would have most enjoyed reading. In the end, that’s all I can really do, beyond developing brain-washing technology. I don’t think I could stand more than one of me, though.

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