18 comments on “Arashi 28

  1. If the seniors needed 10 years to say that they loved each other, what kind of timeline will the juniors need? Not that I mind the slow pace, but this need for MOAR is killing me. >.<

    anyways, on page 11 what are all the sfx about? There is almost more sfx in some pages then there is dialog.. And on page 17 what is Nana screaming yee…eek about?? And what will nana and kaoru do when now? the adults are "away", will they go explore some place they have not been to before?

    derpderpderpderp… Thanks for yet another chapter πŸ˜€ I see that the ch79 is on its way as well! πŸ™‚ and is there more 4koma coming? thought they had finished.

    • Most of the SFX on page 11 are about what you would expect slip. slitch, plich, (various sounds of wet insertion) Nana screaming Yeeek I think was in response to Adachi and her boyfriend kissing( my guess only)
      The 4-komas…hmmm well while I did release(re-release?) the arashi compilations with the extra pages I still have all the tankoubon komas from volume 1 to 8 being held at the moment.
      Oh, and as for what Nana and Kaoru are going to do…hmmmm the anticipation is always rampant isn’t it?

    • I hope the timeline will be shorter than ten years, as each couple is educating the other in various sides of relationships. As for the sfx, I don’t know, but would guess they are a combination of blushes, doki-doki noises, and rub/touch type things. You can basically fill in the blank with whatever makes sense to you or ignore. Nana is yeeeeeking about her “kohai” getting busier than she ever has and thinking that she is catching up to Nana, when she is in fact way ahead. I think Nana and Kaoru will wind up alone at sensei’s house starting their own “session” rather than “breather”. Time for them to take the focus for themselves. 4komas are done, included in the tank releases, I just haven’t changed the update box. My bad 😦

  2. Wow that was really fast! Thanks a lot!
    What are your thought on the next chapter? I think we might actually see a kiss happening but nothing more.

    • I think the next few chapters will be focused on Nana and Kaoru’s scene much as the previous arcs have focused on Sarashina and Tachicbana. A kiss may happen towards the end of the scene as Kaoru has already imagined it that way. Next chapter? Just holding hands on the way home, IMO.

  3. OMG! What a terribly romantic chapter. I loved it.

    I’m super excited about the village kids plot. It’s one thing for Nana and Kaoru to be aware of adult sex (“this will be me one day!”), because there’s a sort of a distance between themselves and the adult world. But teenage sex (“this could be us right now, too!”) is quite another story.

    Not that I think they’ll jump each other any time soon, but it should be very interesting anyway.

    • YES. I love that comment. He has such a wonderful expressive voice. I won’t be able to forget that for the rest of the day.

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