14 comments on “Arashi batch – the first two days

  1. are you going to do another compilation with the rest of the chapters now that the dog arc is finished i really like the magazine collected translations because you get the art that doesn’t get carried over into the tanks

  2. Wow – I just noticed the releases (they were all late going onto Baka-Updates Manga so they
    never appeared on the front page). Just grabbed the last two chapters of both titles. So a very big
    ‘Thank you!’ for all of them. 4 chapters to read = awesome.

  3. On a different note I recommended the manga to the guys at link deleted after checking they took suggestions through email. If more suggest it they might pick it up. They seem to do very nice translations of Ecchi/ smut/ hentai including colour pages.

      • Colour me confused. How about to ‘support the mangaka’ something you said you would do if it were available in your area about two posts further down the page.

        Anifreik on October 26th

        “Thank you for supporting the mangaka. When volumes become available in my area, rest assured I will do the same.”

        • While I didn’t research them, I doubt seriously that the mangaka receive any royalties or other support from a site that takes recommendations by e-mail. Looks like a rip-off for profit site to me.

    • after thoroughly checking the website in question, I could find no statements that they are connected in any way with the owners of the intellectual properties for sale there. I cannot approve links to sites making an apparent illegal profit from copyrighted material. Please, everyone, refrain from posting such links in the future.

  4. Hi guys, thanks for the hard work. Since I’m and inpatient jerk can I request you give a loose ETA on the chapter releases. Even if you give a target say two weeks away and then nearer the time add some time if you need to

    • You can request all you want, I can’t tell you what I don’t know. People do this in their free time, sometimes they have more and it comes out faster, sometimes they have less and it takes longer. All I can do is promise that it hits the site ASAP after I’m cleared to release.

    • I’m still so mad there’s no official English release. No doubt the quality of work would be better here, but there is something to be said for having the paper copy in your hands. And supporting Amazume-sensei, of course.

      I dunno. Even though it’s an ecchi series, you’d think that a manga popular enough to have a concurrent spin-off, an OVA series and two live action movies would be worth translating into English, niche market or no.

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