10 comments on “Arashi 26

  1. Here’s something that occurred to me yesterday. How long until they stop or at least hiatus the main series due to catching up with Arashi, and what do you think will happen when they do?

    I’m thinking, what, two or three more breathers if that? I’d be interested to hear the “Wild Mass Guessing” of the crowd here.

    • Nobody knows what the plans are for Arashi once Nana and Kaoru return home. Once the YA timeline catches up the experiences will surely merge, but whether the magazines will continue in synch from that point on or do another time jump is known only to the mangaka.

      • I think that they may end YA when it catches up with Arashi and continue the story in Arashi. That or they have planned out the chapters of Arashi so when YA catches up Arashi will end and YA will time skip and continue on.

  2. I’m working on manga updates right now as I have to change the information from what it currently is before I update the releases.

  3. Thanks for the release.

    Also were there only suppose to be 20 pages? The last cell of the last page makes it seem like there is another page or maybe that is their way of ending it. I am not sure that is why I ask.

    • The chapter does end on a bit of a cliff hanger, but that is the last page. Below the last panel the untranslated Japanese says basically “to be continued.”

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